Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gunne Sax...Find

So i was thrifting the other day with my mother...(one of our pastime loves)
and suddenly I came upon this wondrous dress,  just hanging there in the midst 
of very many ugly jean dresses.

It was like it was hanging there saying "BUY ME , BUY ME" 
In my mind it was glowing!
also for the plain fact that it was in the midst of dresses that were no where near the color scheme.

The joys of thrifting....

So alas i purchased, turns out this dress is a vintage gunne sax. Apparently they were very popular in the 
1970s and my mom freaked when she saw the tag. How awesome is that !! 
I just bought it cause i personally loved it
and i knew that if i didn't get it  , it would come back to haunt me and 
rob me of my sleep, so i succumbed. 

Right now gunne sax run up to 300$ on free people and other vintage stores...
Boy did that just make me feel 1000000 million times happier ...

I feel like i should sing in Fleetwood Mac in this dress, and that is just totally me!!!

Here are some photos !! Enjoy :)