Friday, May 18, 2012

Stoked about Stripes

Hey guys!
So i got my American Apparel shipment in !! I was so excited
and the thing i love about AA is that it does not take that long to get here!!
That is a plus

So I am pretty excited about summer coming! It is starting to get a little warmer here which 
is awesome. Considering its cold here more than its warm.  So I order a swimsuit!
They have such cute ones right now! And I was searching for the perfect highwaisted one
cause i really wanted one.  Most of them were in the hundreds and I didnt feel like paying that much.

So here is a pic of my Swimmy Suit!!!


I absolutely love it!!!
I am so stoked to wear it!

i even had a striped dress on today
goin with the striped spirit!

leave me some comments! lemme know what ya'll think!