Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello ... 2013

Hello friends!!
I have been absent on this blog for far too long!
I stopped by to tell you all that I am still here and I still want to advance this blog:) 
I have been extremely busy but I look forward to sharing with you!

I just got  done helping to throw my beautiful mother a gorgeous birthday extravaganza!
The interior was so whimsical and lady-like
It was a french pastry shop theme, and boy did we have fun!

Enjoy some pics from the fabulous night below:

I wore a real 1950's handmade dress that is one of a kind!
My mother actually purchased it for my 23rd b-day in September 
from a local vintage clothing shop :


We created a giant lamp in the middle of the room! 

My grandmother's wedding dress from the 1930s. It was 
originally white velvet