Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brand New or Vintage Glam

Alright so who else is missing summer right about now!!
Seriously ! I am done with winter
and its crazy antics...

(picture from summer 2012)

Anyway, Enough of my whining  
I wanted to share with you an interesting thing that I have been tossing about in 
my head lately.

Its the new love that everybody(including me ) has for vintage! Especially
Vintage Fashion!!

More interesting is the fact that older designer handbags for instance
are in more higher demand than the new ones.

Is toting around a full priced designer handbag sooo last year?

Yes, Of course designer handbags are still in style (not to mention high demand) 
But now their even hipper if there dug out of a sales bin, or  discovered at 
your local thrift store!

Not to mention ... It gives you bragging rights cause your purse cost incredibly less
than your friends brand new bag ;)

POLL: Would you rather carry around a vintage designer handbag or brand new one?

Below are some of my favorite handbags from years past

CHANEL : circa 2000's

HERMES: timeless

MOSCHINO: circa 1991

GUCCI: circa 1990s

ASPREY: circa 1970s

CHLOE: circa 2000s