Monday, March 18, 2013

Week In Pictures - March 18

A few pics for you to enjoy. 
Thanks to all you readers! I love my blog. 
I love reading all your comments :)

So the imadeface app is all the rage! I hopped on the 'bandwagon" & made 
one that looked as closest like me as I can get ! LOL! 
Have you guys checked it out yet??

 My current read is this GREAT book by Pastor Judah Smith. It is so good!
I highly recommend it! It's changing my life, and the way that I think. 

This was my awesome dinner on Saturday Night. Seriously so filling ! It was a salad with tomatoes, cilantro, avocados, onions, feta cheese and awesome vinaigrette . Props to eating healthy

Almost Haha! Thats a brownie , fresh with ice cream and syrup

 This is my baby Minnie!!!  Isn't she cute :) My most favorite puppy ever!
 Gotta throw the selfie in :) 

& The new Madewell catalog! This is lighting up my life right now.  Check them out if you haven't !!! 

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