Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring is Springing ... umm

Hey I wanted to apologize for the 
lack of updates :(
I have been extremely busy with easter
singing and church!  

I wanted to stop by and share about this extremely cute app
I have been playing around with 
its called CocoPPa
It's extremely cute!!! It lets you make your own icons 
for your iphone on your home screen.

Here is my homescreen currently ... I've been messing around with it
 Also I didn't get very many pics from easter because I was so busy :(
But I attached the 2 I did take. 
I did not get a full outfit photo. 

The dress I wore is from Maggy London
It's crazy the dress is in the editorial on the site :) I linked it so you can 
check the brand out!

Thank you guys so much for reading!
love your comments!