Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey guys so I wanted to let you 
know about a new
website that is launching soon and to give you all a head sup!

Its called 

It is a site that literally makes online shopping fun!!
They have at least 200 trendy stores already on board with them :)

I believed its based in the UK so most
of the stores they feature are also from there which is awesome 
cause they have a lot of cute clothes!!

They have currently reached out to me and have been so nice!


They have given me special blogger VIP status!
Also have said that anyone of you guys that sign
up through my blog can 
also gain VIP :) (how awesome)

When you first sign up it will go through a serious of questions
to see what your style is and
than it will ask you what stores that you want to add. 
You can always go back and change your settings as well.

Another cool feature is that every time that 
you purchase through MALLZEE 
you gain "Mallzee dollars" so you can get more for your $$$ moneys 

Last but not least 
you can chat with your BFF's about clothes choices
and shop with each other!!!

I am soooo stoked to try this out and am looking forward to seeing the fun
sweepstakes and bonus' that will be coming up

JOIN ME !! ;)