Monday, June 17, 2013

A Saturday Night Wedding & 1920s Glam ♛

Hello ;)

I tried out this fab 1920's inspired look on my little sister !
Check out the pictures below. 

This was my first attempt at something like this!
The 1920's is my favorite era so I was pumped to be able to try this!

They loved their dark dramatic makeup so I 
tried to stay true to form. Everything they used back then was liquid or liquid-ey substance which 
I find fascinating!!

Here are the products that I used to achieve it:
1. Revlon Liquid photo-ready foundation
2. Garnier BB Cream
3. Loreal true match concealer stick
4. Nyx Bronzer
5. Sephora coral blush palette
6. Nyx eyeshadows ( I used dark gray for the base
than I blended with a lighter gray, than took taupey color and blended it in rounder. 
than popped some gold right in the middle of the lid
7. Revlon Black Cherry lipstick

headband: Forever21

For her hair :
I faked bobbed it. ( I took the bottom have braided it, than pinned it underneath)
Then split the hair down the middle , took a very small barrel curling iron 
and started curling away! 
Hair spray, Hair spray, Hair spray.

My sister has very fine silky soft hair so it does not! like to curl.
I than brushed out the tiny ringlets a little bit!
Hair sprayed again, and place the headband

**Also this weekend got to attend a fabulous weekend wedding. 
It was seriously so beautiful!! I wanted to share with you
my outfit!
Congratulations Julie & Stephen!

The dress is from Shop Luna B!
My new favorite online boutique , Be sure to check them out!

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