Friday, June 14, 2013

Instagram Gallery. June 2013

Hello lovely blog followers!
I apologize for being 
such an absentee blogger but I want to thank you for choosing to continue
to read and love my life right along with me..

Here are some instagrams from the past month.
Its a little peek into my world. 


New YSL ring and Minnie lookin all cute!

Outfit of the Day: Wednesday night

Vintage 1950's statement earrings (I got as a gift)

Minnie curled up like Bambi. Why is she so cute :)

My native american turquoise loving blood came out this day! 

Barnes & Noble buy! So happy that I acquired this! Have ya'll seen the movie??
I loved it!!!

Denim on Denim - OOTD 
Brand new Crosley limited edition record player ! Thank you daddy! 
My mom's friend summer car! Vintage Mustang! Isn't a beaut!

Thanks for reading .... hope to update and outfit post soon!!